Family Law

Family and Divorce Law

Going through a Divorce or Parental Responsibilities Actions can be one of the most traumatic events a person will experience in their lives. 

It is best for you and your family to make business decisions regarding how you will deal with these situations.  Attempt mediation if you can still communicate effectively with each other.  The Office of Dispute Resolution (970) 237-3220, located at the Larimer County District Courthouse, offers mediation at a reduced fee.  There are also many highly qualified private mediators who can help you negotiate a settlement and prepare all the paperwork after an agreement is reached.  Spend your time and money trying to work it out.  Understand that when an agreement is reached, it is because BOTH sides compromise.  Getting an agreement is not easy, but it will serve you and your family well.

Colorado has extensive legal forms to help you file your own domestic relations case.  Doing it on your own may be right for you if your situation is uncomplicated and you are getting along with the other person.  You should still have your agreement reviewed by an attorney before you finalize anything.  Standard forms are located at

When communications have completely broken down or an emergency situation exists regarding you or your children, you need an experienced attorney.  I have practiced law in Northern Colorado since 1994.  My practice is limited to Divorce/Family Law and Criminal Law.  I have handled hundreds of trial and hearings.  


“Macro's caring professionalism and genuine concern for my situation helped me get through an ugly time in my life. His honest and straightforward advice coupled with his legal expertise helped create a resolution that was agreeable and fair to both parties.  His witty, intelligent personality helped provided comfort and assurance during my divorce proceeding. 

- Ed A.

“I was referred to Marco by another very good attorney. After meeting him, I understood why. Marco is very competent, reasonable, and compassionate, yet tough. Everything he told me in consultations was totally accurate. When we realized we were headed to court, Marco was absolutely prepared. I felt completely at ease knowing that Marco was representing me. After the smoke of divorce court had cleared, I knew I had chosen the right attorney. I would highly recommend Marco to anyone wanting a very good attorney!"

- Jeff G